Saturday, 17 January 2015


Alright!  I am feeling very pleased with myself this afternoon as I have stepped outside my comfort zone and been making some tags.  Our stamping friend Robyn has challenged a few of us to take part in an ABC Tag/Card challenge where each fortnight we make a tag/card with a letter of the alphabet for our theme.  So...kicking off the year with the letter A I have actually made a tag and incorporated it onto a card (I have a nephew having a birthday early in I'm thinking this is going to be his card!).  I actually started making this tag last Sunday after taking inspiration from my sister-in-law/stamping buddy Vikki (who is also taking part in the challenge) but it just wasn't coming together... but today it all fell into place....I chose Adventure and Aeroplane to go with the A theme...thanks for taking a peek.


Robyn Oliver said...

Yippee well done Vikki, your "A" card looks great, I never thought of adventure and airplane.

Vikki said...

Great card Vik and like Robyn said...great theme.